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  1. Hi Dear blogger,

    I´m delighted of having found your blog with such an interesting load of lovely information about my lovely Colombia, I would like to thank you for taking the time writing and sharing knowledge in the universal english language. As I´m excited about such finding I dared adding your blog url to my favourite blogs as follower. About me I can tell you that i´ve lived since 6 years ago in Europe and I have created also a blog where I have my say about my reality, related to travel, gastronomy, urban art, music among others. I would be glad if you could add my blog url to your links , even if the content is in spanish, but I can assure you that my spanish writing is very easy and joyful to read that could become an interesting source of info for those that have never been in touch with the colombian culture and people that you´re intending to unveiled in your blog. I hope it would be of your interest also. What do you think? Keep in touch. Best Regards! Kika

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