It’s Spring 2011 and I am discontinuing the blog due to other commitments but I’ll leave it up for browsing (and, from time to time, I’ll post something).


Eyes On Colombia was created to provide English-speakers with a different, more positive image of Colombia than that which is traditionally portrayed in the international media. Having traveled twice to Colombia and staying 2 weeks during each visit, I can safely say that the risk is wanting to stay. From the beautiful and ever-changing landscapes to the unending hospitality that one receives while traveling in the country, it is easy to see that Colombia is the hidden jewel of South America. My blog hopes to show you that.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to leave a comment!



Eyes On Colombia fue creado para proporcionar hablantes de inglés con una imagen positiva de Colombia que la que tradicionalmente es retratado en los medios de comunicación internacionales. Después de haber viajado dos veces a Colombia y permanecer dos semanas en cada visita, puedo decir con seguridad que el riesgo realmente es que te quieras quedar. Desde la hermosa y siempre cambiantes paisajes a la hospitalidad sin fin que uno recibe al viajar en el país, es fácil ver que Colombia es la joya oculta de América del Sur. Espero que mi blog lo demuestren. Si tienes dudas sobre cualquier cosa, siéntete en la libertad de dejar recado aqui.


– Adam


18 thoughts on “About/Sobre

  1. Adam!!! esto esta super chevere.. me senti cerquita de mi pais otra vez.. tienes que volver a Colombia y esta vez a conocer la capital (bogota) para que esta pagina siga creciendo… =)

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve now been to Colombia 3 times, have a friend there. It is indeed a beautiful country, and very poorly represented by the US media.

    Is this blog active now? February 2011? I’d like to contribute.

    • Hi Roy,

      Yes, it’s active. I’ve just changed the style from found media to writing my own articles, meaning when I have time and/or find interesting topics, I will be writing about them with an average length of several paragraphs. I’m sorry, I probably won’t be accepting contributions at this time but when I do, I will email you.


      • Thanks Adam for the reply. I will continue to read your column. Good luck with it. I agree that Colombia just has a bad rap with the media. The danger and bad people are the same in any city. Granted we don’t have gurillas in the countryside, but smart travelers just stay away from the bad sections! Keep up the good work! Roy

  3. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for your effort. I am working on Colombian promotion and value your contribution. Are you up for a content creation project? Please drop me an email with your contact info if interested. Take care.


  4. Hi, Adam,

    Que mas? 🙂

    I was looking for arepa de choclo pics when I chanced upon your blog… Like you, I am not Colombian but am very apreciative of the country, the culture and the people. (I lived in Pereira for 6 months for an exchange program) I really think the media is doing Colombia a huge injustice when all they show is just the negative stuff.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


    • Thank you for the positive message, Misty. Colombia really is a great place. I hope at some point I can start posting again. Most likely, I would simplify things just as I have done with my Brazil blog.

  5. Good morning Terry,
    You are truly an artist! Beautiful photos!
    You may want to correct the link to your website. You missed an ‘o’ after the ‘h’ in photography.
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your work!

  6. Hi Adam, I love the description of lulo as the little orange (that’s green). We are promoting lulo through a Community Interest Company in the UK. Can we use that description and credit your blog and the author of the article for this phrase?

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