The Chiguiro Pet Market

One of my most popular posts in terms of views is on the chiguiro meat market, which is a repost of an article I found about how chiguiros (or, capybaras in English) are being killed for their meat. Sure, they are rodents but when you watch videos of them you start to see they have personalities like most other animals. That’s why I’d like to talk about the capybara pet market…which I practically know nothing about, though, I found an American woman who does.

Find out more about Caplin the Capybara, as well as information that goes from general to specific over at Giant Hamster (you may want to give the site some time to load). Caplin is so smart, the blog is in first person, plus he tweets, ‘facebooks’ and a whole bunch of other things!

More Info

Caplin on Animal Planet
Caplin’s Youtube
Chiguiro Meat Market


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