Colombian Medicine Man Now A “Federal Criminal”

“A Colombian healer is being held in US custody after authorities discovered a psychedelic concoction when he flew into Houston International Airport in Texas. On Tuesday, October 19, medicine man Taita Juan Agreda Chindoy was detained and then arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement for possession of his traditional medicine Ayahuasca.

The shaman, who was on his way to Oregon to give a presentation, is now being charged as a federal criminal and is facing up to 20 years in federal prison after he flew in from Colombia. Taita Juan, a traditional healer of the Cametsa people who live in the Sibundoy Valley in Colombia’s Alto Putomayo region, is certified by his community and by the Colombian Ministry of Health as a traditional healer.

But despite his revered position, he faces drug trafficking charges because ayahuasca is banned under the US Controlled Substances Act as it contains DMT, a fast-acting hallucinogenic chemical. Taita Juan’s supporters have set up a website,, to campaign against his arrest.” – Daily Mail


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