Oma – Colombia’s Other Coffee Shop

As one of Colombia’s two main coffee shops, Oma is a nice place to go to get out of the heat (assuming you’re on the coast) or as a ‘third place’ to go after home and work. Just like the Juan Valdez shops, they offer coffee+liquor drinks, too. For additional information, see the facts below or visit their site!

  • Started in 1970, OMA owns shops selling all the usual hot and cold coffee drinks, and snacks.
  • The shops also feature books and music.
  • In addition, OMA owns a restaurant chain and a manufacturing facility for OMA Coffee Roasters.
  • The name OMA is derived from German. OMA is an endearing word for “grandmother.”

More Info

Oma – Official Site


4 thoughts on “Oma – Colombia’s Other Coffee Shop

  1. Met a new aquaintance and he gave me a bag of OMA coffee which is really good! where do I get them in the states? We live in Philadelphia. Thanks

  2. Buenos dias.
    Me gustaria tener un numero telefonico para poder contactar la compania Oma, en el momento estoy pensando en exportar el cafe Oma ha Europa.

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