A Voyage Into the Colombian Pacific

“A new option for cruise ship adventure tourism will be available starting in August, when the Sea Voyager, with a capacity of 55 people, starts to sail along the Colombian Pacific. The ship, that among its commodities will have a gym, dining room, observation deck, library and spa, will depart from Panama. Afterwards it will remain, with a base in Buenaventura, during the season of whale watching, which goes until October, and there will also be cruises that sail around the island of Gorgona, Utría cove and Málaga bay. The duration for the cruises will be around five days and four nights.

The Sea Voyager comes with cabins with private bathrooms and panoramic windows with a view of the sea. With this new initiative, the intention is to allow passengers to get to know the enormous natural beauty of Colombia and its biodiversity, with beaches, corral reefs, tropical forests and coves, as well as a grand variety of flora and fauna species. The Sea Voyager project is part of the tourism efforts that are attracting travelers to a lesser known region of Colombia. The project is made possible thanks to an alliance between the Aviatur Group and the Colombia Ecoturismo company.” – Source (in ES)


One thought on “A Voyage Into the Colombian Pacific

  1. Thank you so much for the posting about our company, Colombia Ecoturismo. Our first cruises are 3, 4 and 5 day whale watching cruises along the beautiful Pacific Coast of Colombia. We still have a few cabins available for September and October. We would love to have a full ship so we may share this one in a life experience and introduce more travelers to this fascinating but largely undiscovered part of Colombia.

    If you would like more information about us or our cruises, contact Aviatur or visit our website at http://www.ColombiaEcoturismo.com. Again, thank you for the post.


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