US Bases Declared Unconstitutional…For Now

“The constitutional court ruled the 2009 accord should be redrafted as an international treaty and sent to Colombia’s Congress for approval. The deal allows the US to use seven bases to help with operations against drug trafficking and terrorism. But it was criticised by other Latin American countries over a concern about the rise in US influence in the region. The US, which has supplied Colombia with more than $7bn (£4.5bn) in aid since 2000, was forced to look for a new centre for regional operations after Ecuador refused to renew the lease on its military base at Manta.” – Source (more here)

My Take

The BBC story (if you read the rest) says the delay is just that, a delay. By stopping the treaty temporarily, Colombia appeases Venezuela and those who are against having US interests on Colombian soil (a little bit too late for that). The point is to pass the treaty and to continue with relations as normal, although it’s nice to think the new government thinks differently (good luck…). It’s more likely that the US bases are not for operations against drug trafficking, but rather to increase drug trafficking since that is what it has always been about.


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