Even Though Colombian Spanish Is Full Chévere…

Here on Eyes On Colombia, I don’t go over language like I do with Portuguese on the Eyes On Brazil blog, and that’s mainly because Spanish is spoken in 21 countries and so this makes Colombia just another on the long list (even though I always hear that Colombian Spanish is the clearest, according to Colombians themselves). With Portuguese, one almost always thinks of one of two countries (even though there are 9 that use Portuguese as an official language), Brazil or Portugal.

That being said, I will do my best to include what I can about Colombian Spanish on a more frequent basis, although it will be more geared towards regionalisms and slang.

I’ll start with anglicism of ‘full’, which if I’m not mistaken, is from the Caribbean coast. I’d say more often than not, ‘full’ means ‘bastante’ or ‘mucho’ and you sort of pronounce it like ‘fool’, only the O’s are more like U’s. Some examples of its various uses are as follows:

“Mi nueva amiga de Barranquilla es full chévere!”

“Que full!” (ie, Que chévere!)

Full (of food or people)
“No….eso esta full!” (No….eso esta lleno de gente!)
“Quede full!” (Quede lleno!)


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