Bomba Estereo rocked SF!

 (from Stern Grove Photo Gallery)

Last weekend, I got to see Colombia’s Bomba Estereo* live and, even better, for free! They came to play at the annual concert series in the park in San Francisco called Stern Grove*. They (including Italian star Jovanotti, pictured below with Lili of Bomba Estereo) were really good and got the huge crowd off their seats in no time.

Unfortunately, last year I left California a few days before Colombia’s Toto La Momposina* was to play at Stern Grove, again for free. It’s okay, though, I’ve seen the likes of Bajofondo, Seu Jorge, Ojos de Brujo, Amigos Invisibles and Sergent Garcia in previous years.

On a side-note, a Colombian friend tells me Bomba Estereo is expensive to go see in Colombia, which struck me as a bit odd.

More Info

Stern Grove Festival
Bomba Estereo – here on EOC
Toto La Momposina – at Stern Grove


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