Barichara – The Prettiest Pueblito in Colombia

Barichara is said to be the prettiest ‘pueblito‘ in all of Colombia, due to its white-washed houses, reddish rooftops, narrow sloping streets and beautiful botany. It’s located in the northeastern department of Santander (70 miles outside of Bucaramanga), which also runs along the eastern cordillera mountain range of the Andes. The town sits on a plateau and is the only city in Colombia whose architecture is 100% made of stone, just as it was in the colonial times.

(view of the sweeping hills that surround the city)

If the valleys remind you a bit of another location I wrote about, then you must have a good memory because Barichara is on the outskirts of Chicamocha National Park. If you are in the area, you might also want to check out the town of San Gil.

More Info
Video of Barichara
Official Site (in SP)
Tourism Site (in SP)


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