Donde Fidel – Drinks & Salsa, Cartagena-style

When visiting Cartagena and looking for a laid-back place to have some drinks or dance a little salsa, something Cartagena is known for, the first choice should be the bar Donde Fidel. Just find the big clock tower and walk inside the Plaza de Coches and head right, towards the corner and you’ll see a bunch of yellow chairs and tables outside as well as the bar right in front. From there, you can either go in and ask for a drink (and dance) or just sit down and wait for a waiter to come by. It’s a nice place to chill and chat with friends or watch a circus or dance-type show put on by the locals, before heading out to somewhere like Mister Babilla for a more nightclub-y experience. You can get an idea of what it’s like by watching this really short video and if you are interested in ‘meeting’ Fidel, see the video (in SP) below.


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