Wind Journeys – A Taste of Colombian Cinema

Not too long ago, I posted a story by CNN about how Colombian cinema is hoping to finally make a name for itself on the international scene. One of the films briefly mentioned in the article is from 2009 and won several awards throughout the world. It’s called Los Viajes del Viento (Wind Journeys, IMDB) and I got the chance to see it yesterday. While the story was just fine, it lacked that extra kick that would have made it great.

It’s a story about a man and a boy crossing part of Colombia to return a cursed accordion and the message of the story is in the journey, not necessarily the destination. The part that is quite striking about the film is the cinematography, the landscapes in particular (it was filmed on a Super 35 with aspect ratio 2.35:1, which is new in Colombian cinema). The duo cross enough ground during the film for the viewer to see quite a bit of the Colombian countryside. Aside from the film’s specifics though is what it ultimately shows, that beautifully-done, worthwhile Colombian cinema is very possible and something we should look forward to.


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