CNN’s take on Colombian cinema

“In recent years, Colombian cinema has struggled to keep up with the likes of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in making films which gain international recognition. But there are now signs that the tide is turning as the Colombian government’s ongoing financial support of the film industry starts to bear fruit.

It was back in 2003 that the government first introduced laws to support cinema and established a film fund to help Colombian productions get off the ground.” – CNN (more here, including a video report)

My Take

There is definitely a lack of good Colombian cinema out there and I’m not exactly sure why because I know such a thing is possible because I’ve seen it already (in small doses). I’m happy to see there is renewed interest in Colombians making Colombian films because when other countries use Colombia as a filming location, this kind of junk is what you get, thus why I’m a bit confused as to the new push for non-Colombian films to use Colombia as a backdrop. In any event, I’m looking forward to seeing the films that came out in the last several months such as Retratos de un Mar de Mentiras and Los Viajes del Viento.


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