How to recognize a Colombian – Observations

(it would be easier if they just waved their flag, jeje)

This afternoon, I ran into two cool Colombians at one of my friend’s eateries and it got me thinking about if one can know a Colombian when they see one (ie, picking one out from a crowd). Perhaps it’s possible and in the case that it is, I’m not skilled enough yet to know a Colombian when I see one (with Brazilians, I’m almost an expert at this). The only exception to the rule is when they open their mouths because it’s then that I can do fairly well with my little game.

When it comes to Brazilians, I’m looking at way of dress, way of moving, overall look and of course, accent. When it comes to Colombians, all I have to go on is their accent(s) (unless of course they are wearing something like a sombrero vueltiao) and for some reason, women give away their country more than men do…maybe because women in general are more expressive than men. Sure, Colombians have their own stereotypes about themselves but I need to meet more Colombians from other parts of Colombia in order to understand where those stereotypes come from.

No matter where the Colombians I know are from, they do have one thing in common, a-la-orden-idad (ok, so I made that up but it should be a word). That is to say, they are always open to help you and more so, they want you to enjoy yourself. Should we call this ‘hospitalidad’? Perhaps it fits better.

Anyways, in my 6 years studying Colombia, I’ve never met a Colombian I didn’t like but of course I realize people are people and therefore I can’t generalize although I can’t deny what I’ve experienced either.


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