Domestic Air Travel in Colombia

When traveling within Colombia, you have two basic options…catch the bus or a plane. Thanks to a handful of airline operators hailing from Colombia, the competition between them means a constant flow of travel deals for you. Below, I will list their destinations maps, promotions pages, domestic airport codes and which major Colombian airlines operate in each location.

The Top 4

Avianca is the biggest of the bunch and flies to 49 destinations while its subsidaries fly to an additional 234 destinations. Try this link for visualizing your Colombia trip and this link for their travel promotions page.

AeroRepública is Colombia’s second biggest airline and manages 19 destinations with 12 of those consisting of Colombian cities. When combined with their partnership with Copa Airlines, their overall reach adds up to 51 destinations. Here is their trip visualization link as well as the link to their travel promotions page.

Aires comes in third with 31 destinations, 25 of which are in Colombia. See their routes here and their promotions page here.

Satena finds itself in fourth place. Try here for their route map and here are their promotions. By taking a quick look at their destinations, you can see they reach a lot of smaller cities (a dropdown list is here).

If you are still looking for more options, there’s Easyfly, which has been called Colombia’s low-fare airline.

Who Flies Where

Apartadó (APO) – Aires, Satena
Araracuara (ACR) – Satena
Arauca (AUC) – Satena
Armenia (AXM) – Avianca, Aires
Bahia Solano (BSC) – Satena
Barrancabermeja (EJA) – Avianca
Barranquilla (BAQ) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires
Bogotá (BOG) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires, Satena
Bucaramanga (BGA) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires, Satena
Buenaventura (BUN) – Satena
Cali (CLO) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires, Satena
Cartagena (CTG) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires
Corozal (CZU) – Satena
Cúcuta (CUC) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires, Satena
El Yopal (EYP) – Satena
Florencia (FLA) – Aires, Satena
Guapi (GPI) – Satena
Ibagué (IBE) – Avianca, Aires
Inirida (PDA) – Satena
Ipiales (IPI) – Satena
La Chorrera (LCR) – Satena
La Macarena (LMC) – Satena
La Pedrera (LPD) – Satena
Leticia (LET) – Aero Republica, Aires, Satena
Manizales (MZL) – Avianca, Aires
Medellín (MDE) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires
Medellín (EOH) – Aires, Satena
Mitu (MVP) – Satena
Montería (MTR) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires, Satena
Neiva (NVA) – Avianca, Aires, Satena
Nuqui (NQU) – Satena
Ocana (OCV) – Satena
Pasto (PSO) – Satena
Pereira (PEI) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires
Popayán (PPN) – Avianca, Aires, Satena
Providencia (PVA) – Satena
Puerto Asís (PUU) – Aires, Satena
Puerto Carreno (PCR) – Satena
Puerto Leguizam (LQM) – Satena
Quibdó (UIB) – Aires, Satena
Riohacha (RCH) – Avianca
San Andrés (ADZ) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires, Satena
San Jose de Guaviaro (SJE) – Satena
Santa Marta (SMR) – Avianca, Aero Republica, Aires
San Vicente del Caguan (SVI) – Satena
Saravena (RVE) – Satena
Tame (TME) – Satena
Tumaco (TCO) – Avianca, Satena
Valledupar (VUP) – Avianca, Aires
Villagarzon (VGZ) – Satena
Villavicencio (VVC) – Aires, Satena
Yopal (EYP) – Aires


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