Poor But Happy closing its doors

It is sad to say that Poor But Happy (Colombia) is closing its doors after a 10-year run as the go-to forum for finding out more about Colombian life. The forums will stay open for a short period but then the site will cease to exist.

The reason? Apparently some harrassing was going on between members and I guess it reached the point to where the moderators found that closing down was the only option. For those in search of some sort of a continuation of what the site stood for, you’re in luck because Poorbuthappy2 at Ning has popped up. I can also suggest the Colombia group at CouchSurfing (sign-up req.), although most of what gets posted there deals with logistics planning rather than culture.


8 thoughts on “Poor But Happy closing its doors

    • It’s been a long time since I wrote that post but I believe there were a few blog posts written on the site’s closing and I was just relaying what I read (thus the word “apparently”) in those posts.

  1. The guy who ran the board wanted to edit every post. If there was anything he didn’t agree with, he would delete the post and kick you off the board. It was a great board just run poorly.

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