The Wind-Fishermen of Barranquilla

On Youtube (see video below), I caught a very interesting report on something I had never heard of before, wind-fishing (or ‘kite-fishing’) which has apparently been around for many centuries in and around Oceania and Southeast Asia and possibly dating back to the Stone Age*. I could explain the practice but I think a picture does the trick.

The journalist who made the report below, which focuses on Colombian kite-fishing off the coast of Barranquilla, is named Patricia Iriarte and she also is a video-maker, an editor, a poet, a writer and a communications consultant. She…perhaps I should let her tell you in her own words. What I do know though, is that she did a great job!

*PDF on Kite-Fishing

Boca de Ceniza

At the opening of the Magdalena river, the largest in Colombia, lies the Boca de Ceniza (or Mouth of Ashes) which is called as such due to the color of the sedementation found in the river water. Its dark color contrasts with the bright Caribbean blues that are found just a little ways from the coast.


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