100 things every Colombian should know

On the blog La Bobada Literaria, they’ve posted a list (in SP) of “100 things every Colombian should know about their culture” and their readers are adding to the list in the comments section. Luckily I recognize a good amount of everything they listed, so I suppose you could use this list as a test of your knowledge of Colombian culture. Here are the first 5 on the list, which I’ve translated into English below.

1. Que todos los días hay algo para decir sobre Shakira o Juanes.
1. That everyday there is something to say about Shakira or Juanes.

2. Que el realismo mágico se lo inventó Ciro Guerra.
2. That magical realism was invented by Ciro Guerra.

3. Que Sábados Felices es patrimonio inmaterial de la humanidad.
3. That Sábados Felices is a non-material patrimony of humanity.

4. Que el eslogan del Festival Malpensante, Arde Bogotá, es un homenaje al pelo de Fanny Mickey.
4. That the slogan of the Malpensante Festival, Arge Bogotá, is an homage to Fanny Mickey’s hair.

5. Que Rogelio Salmona es el mejor arquitecto en la historia de la humanidad.
5. That Rogelio Salmona is the best architect in the history of humanity.


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