Lost City might need to change its name

“The Colombian Institute of Anthropology and the Global Heritage Fund announced on Tuesday that they will invest $580,000 in the maintenance of the Ciudad Perdida, or Lost City.

The Lost City is in Teyuna Archeological Park, located on Colombia’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. Discovered in 1972, the ruins are thought to date from 800 A.D. The site has only recently been open to visitors, as the area was previously occupied by guerrilla forces.

El Informador explains that the development of the park, recognized as one of the most historically important in the country, will be funded by investments of $180,000 by the ICANH and $400,000 by US Heritage Fund.

The money will be used for research and restoration projects in and around the historical site.

“This agreement shows … a very promising example of international co-operation for projects of conservation and protection of the vast wealth of archeological heritage in the country and represents a great boost to the cultural patrimony of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and of the nation as a whole,” said Diego Herrera, the director of ICANH.

Tourism to the park will also be promoted with the publication of bilingual Spanish and English guides for visitors.” – Colombia Reports

Sounds a bit silly to invest so much money in such a historic site as the Lost City unless the point is to bring in tourism. With so much going in, someone somewhere must be betting on even more coming out of the deal. It sounds like the Ciudad Perdida might need to change its name soon, to something like Ciudad Encontrada.


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