Open-air Museum condemned to disappear

“Few know the engravings and paintings on the boulders are dated from between 500 and 7,000 years ago, and because they don’t know, the ancient arts are slowly being destroyed. Each year in el Nilo, in the southeast of Cundinamarca, on a eve of the summer solstice, a group of people meet around the three circles painted on the rocks. The figure is understood as a calendar of the ancestors and this is why it is seen as sacred.

The area is supposedly protected from vandalism but, according to experts, there are few which are still untouched by modern society. Since the people are unaware that one of the most precious pieces of the past sits right in their own department, they don’t respect the area as they should.

This ‘open-air museum’ today seems to be condemned to disappear. “Many engravings and paintings are close to urban areas and the others are being absorbed by the environment”, signals Diego Martínez , an investigator looking into the matter. Close to San Mateo, in Soacha, many places where the engravings are, are today merely used as landfills or pig farms, and in Facatativá the paintings are completely covered with graffiti.” – El Tiempo (translated by me, more here)


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