Introducing Maria Mulata

Maria Mulata is a band from Colombia that plays a musical style called Bullerengue which is a traditional style from the Atlantic coast. The music comes from San Basillo de Palenque on the coast which was the first free black community in the Americas. The lead singer of Maria Mulata is Diana Hernandez and she studied in the most famous musical conservatory in Bogota. Here are two videos showcasing the style and dance.

Maria Mulata – Me Duele El Alma

Maria Mulata – Marianita


3 thoughts on “Introducing Maria Mulata

  1. I have lived in Colombia many years and never heard this type of music before. It is hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for showing it. Truly beautiful and inspirational.

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  3. Thank you for showing our beautiful music, as a child I never understood nor I appreciated how beautiful it is. Now living in the States, this music touches my soul, tears up my eyes and I share it every time I have a chance.

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