Bomba Estereo – Electro Tropical

Bomba Estéreo is a band founded 2005 in Bogotá, Colombia that describe their music as “Electro Vacilón”, “Electro tropical” and even “Psychedelic Cumbia”. They combine Afro-Caribbean rhythms with electro and styles like reggae, dub and hip hop. As of 2006, they have two CDs, one simply called Vol. 1 put out in 2006 and the other from last year, called Estalla (sometimes called Vol. 2).

One of the only songs that impressed me from viewing their Youtube videos was Huepaje, which I’ll post below. The interesting part is that when I got ahold of their CDs, I couldn’t stop listening to every single song. Sometimes it’s nice to take away the visuals and the computer’s acoustics, put the songs on a portable music player and place some earphones in your ears to get a better feel for the sound.


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