Medellín travel links

What follows are two links on ways to find out what’s new in Medellín and to wrap things up, a nice photo slide of the old Medellín.


Arepa. No, I’m not talking about the one you eat, but rather about a guide to nightlife and culture in Medellín called The Arepa. It’s a free magazine and downloadable via the main site, with physical editions around Medallo (slang for Medellín). The Arepa covers a wide range of topics and for those in the mood for shopping, the localized ads will let you know where to buy what. The magazine comes to you thanks to a fellow Californian so go check it out!

Also, I wanted to mention the site Medellín Traveler which covers pretty much anything and everything in Medellín. I’m not sure who runs it but they have a Youtube channel (take the video below as proof), a Flickr page and an account on PBH (Poor but Happy, see links page).


In other news (ok, it’s not really news), I found a 9 minute clip with photographs of the antigua Antioquia, you know, the good ol’ days, in case you are like me and enjoy black & whites (thinking of a different Black and White?).


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