Colombia – The UK’s Rising Star?

I read a somewhat interesting article on how Colombia can now be found on the list of the UK’s largest tourism magazine, Selling Long Haul, for the title of ‘Rising Star’. Voting has begun and will run through mid-October with Colombia in the race against Oman, Abu-Dhabi, Peru and Cape Verde.

The more interesting part is what came up in Google while attempting to find the original source to the article. What I found instead was a multipage Colombia feature from 2008 from the same UK tourism magazine, promoting Colombia as a hidden jewel. Here’s the link to the story on the digital version of their magazine.

In my opinion, the UK definitely should pay attention to Colombia, not only for obvious reasons but according to Colombian diaspora, the 2nd largest Latin American group and the 4th largest number of Colombians outisde of Colombia can be found in the UK. More information on that, here.


One thought on “Colombia – The UK’s Rising Star?

  1. This is really great! I hope that you are able to get lots of people reading this and many other articles which present the positive side of Colombia that so few know about. I am currently living in Europe and have lived and traveled in the US as well as Asia and can say that Colombia is a hidden gem for the world to discover… there is no place like it.

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