Colombian stereotypes…by Colombians

I’m reading a few history books on Colombia at the moment, although I’ve read one before, I like to see the same thing from different viewpoints. The one I’ll reference now is called Colombia: Portrait of Unity and Diversity by Harvey Kline, which paints an interesting portrait of 1983 Colombia.

In one section early on, he quickly makes mention of how Colombians see themselves and that is what I would like to write about.

“A Colombian can usually identify the regional background of another by his way of speaking, and quite often has a stereotype of the way the individual will act. The stereotype might be that pastusos (people from Pasto) are dumb and are the brunt of jokes, as are certain ethnic groups in the United States; that cachacos (people from the Bogotá area) are cold, legalistic and very status conscious; or that paisas (people from Antioquia) are religious, hard-working, and have many children.

Costeños (people from the Caribbean coast) are stereotyped as happy, carefree, capable of drinking large amounts of rum and dancing all night, but not capable of speaking a decent Spanish with final s’s pronounced. They do not take the Roman Catholic religion seriously, nor do they take Colombian politics as seriously as their compatriots from the Andean region. Whether or not these stereotypes are empirically valid, they are part of the mythology that makes up the Colombian world view. “

Most of these stereotypes, minus the one about those from Pasto, I have heard of through the many Colombians I have come across. Never has there been any type of hatred between these groups as witnessed by me but I’m sure the author is correct in his assumption that someone from one area might stereotype how someone from another might act. I couldn’t help but notice there was no mention of the caleños (or those from Cali) but if anyone knows of the apparent stereotype for them, let me know and I’ll add it.


9 thoughts on “Colombian stereotypes…by Colombians

  1. I don’t know if it’s much of a stereotype, however Cali is known to be “the Salsa capital of Latin America”. I would presume that it’s highly likely that a caleño would be a good salsa dancer.

    • Jaja, that’s true. People from Cali are very good at salsa dancing. I know that because I’m from Cali and I’m a good salsa dancer and so is my mother and grandmother.

    • every one from cali i know is blunt and loud. it is the stereotype that i have seen.

      even when i went there they asked a lot of questions compared to their “andean compatriots” who are more reserved

  2. i think that the stereotypes born in the primitive towns and firstly with their belivies, manners that years ago be maintein clear that some things changing and each one defends his own culture.

  3. any part of colombian will found kindness, respect overwide happiness althougth are difficulties the jokies,take hair are ever. Anywhere pasto, cali, bogota and every states there will persons to have good time because will always be happiness in somewhere.

  4. i heard that all colombian people are drug runner. i didn’t know tha was a stereotype. it was amazing to find all of this

  5. To the lady that was fearless using the old known stereotype that Colombians are drug runners. That stereotype has been used by Americans for the longest time, it has never been used by Colombians. Even on this modern times Americans think that It is funny to ask some one who is Colombian and they just met if they have any drugs. I think this is the most unfair stereotype for Colombians. Most Colombian men and women are hard workers, very friendly, always ready to help, and despite what people around the world think Colombians do not see using drugs as a cool thing and most of them are very critical of drug use.
    Give it some thought, as Americans we should know about supply and demand.
    If there was not a demand for drugs in the USA and the World there would not be an incentive for a few Colombians, a few Peruvians, a few Ecuadorians, a few Venezuelans, a few Bolivians, a few Brazilians, a few Mexicans, Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera to produce drugs, supply drugs and become drug runners.
    Would this lady be fine with a drug users stereotype for Americans?
    I definitively would not be fine with it. It may be because I have never done any type of drugs.
    By the way I was just saying!!

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