Cumbia – Part 2 (Sounds)

In Part 1, I introduced the basics, the history and some how-to videos. For Part 2, I’ll present you with the sounds of cumbia.


Traditional Cumbia

Modern Cumbia

Most modern cumbia can be found outside Colombia where cumbia has also become popular, starting in Mexico and finding its way to Argentina. The issue with modern cumbia is the use of electronic synthesizers, etc which really take away from the traditional sounds that make up the basis of the musical style. Although if it interests you, here are a few band names of modern stuff (Mojarra Eléctrica, Sidestepper and Curupirá). Keep in mind, I’m not saying the modern stuff is necesarily bad, it’s just not ‘cumbia’ cumbia (although personally I like Sidestepper which is definitely fusion).

You also may want to check out my other post of Aniceto Molina’s two cumbia songs.


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