“Controversially” Colombian?

I was browsing Amazon.com and decided to enter the word “Colombia” into the search and among the results was a passport holder by design company Kikkerland. The part I am not able to understand about their product was the title and description.


It’s called the “Controversial Passport Holder Republic of Colombia Wallet” and the description is as follows…”Raise eyebrows at the airport, but remember you don’t have anything to hide, you’re just controversial!”

I fail to see any controversy in it nor any humor. Is it that it is white, like a certain illegal substance? Is it because it says ‘Colombia’ on it? I don’t get it but I’m sure someone at Kikkerland does, that’s why I sent an inquiry to their PR department on the matter.

This reminds me of a Guess t-shirt which had a picture of a man skiing in Colombia with the phrase “The best powder is in Colombia”. Upon seeing it, I emailed Guess’s PR and succeeded in having the item pulled from stores nationwide in addition to receiving an apology.


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