Colombian coffee like “dirty water”?

“Coffee served in Colombian hotels tastes like “dirty water,” French chef Bertrand Resnault boldly declared at a gastronomic conference in Popayan, Cauca.

World-reknowned chef and director of culinary schools, fellow Frenchman Paul Bocuse scrambled to clarify that Resnault’s declaration regards only the coffee that he has tried in his lodging and is not a generalization of the way that coffee is prepared in the whole country.

Daily El Tiempo was infuriated by Resnault’s claim and fired back: “Resnault does not explain how in his house in France, with Colombian coffee, he can produce a high-quality cup of coffee, while in Colombia where that coffee is planted and produced, the coffee is so deficient.” – Colombia Reports (more here)

My Take

During my short stay in Colombia, I was pleased with the quality of the coffee although I only had it via the cafés Oma and Juan Valdez. Two things jump out here to me, one is the chef just tried it in his hotel, which sets expectations quite low already and two, as in Brazil, the best stuff is exported. I’m sure with good coffee, one can make it badly although I’m not so sure the opposite is true. I wonder if a famous Colombian chef would visit France and say their croissants are like…well, I can’t think of anything.


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