Colombiage – Europe & Colombia together

Picture 7

I came across a great service called Colombiage put on by the festival’s director Landa Acevedo-Scott. It takes place in the UK every October and promotes Colombia abroad. Great work! Too bad this festival doesn’t happen in the US as well!

The UK’s first-ever annual festival of contemporary Colombian arts, celebrating the best of Colombian culture today. Colombiage aims to educate, inspire and entertain through an outstanding programme of events showcasing Colombias newest and most exciting talent in music, literature and film.

Our goal is to “become the leading platform for the promotion of contemporary Colombian arts and culture in Europe, giving Colombia’s artistic talent a meaningful voice on the international stage while forging a strong cultural identity for Colombians living outside their country.

Our commitment to showing the rest of the world the richness and diversity of Colombian culture while stimulating dialogues between Colombian and British audiences means that we are continually striving to push boundaries, making new discoveries and giving way to fresh types or collaboration.”


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