OLPC in Colombia – More BS

I just wrote about the Vice President’s vision of Colombia in 2025 and how I saw it as a losing vision…well, here’s the head of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program going to Colombia for PR accompanied by some higher-ups in Colombia’s government and giving laptops to rural children. During the piece, he talks and talks about how it is such a positive thing yet of course he doesn’t consider that some people are just fine without knowing who Sir Issac Newton is or Einstein or Bill Gates, etc etc etc. We are imposing the Western world’s vision of what constitutes success on other countries. OLPC means to say that those who weren’t connected to their second brain, I mean, the Internet, are worse off than those who are.

The bigger problem is that the Internet and computers in general are pretty much a necessity in this day and age and to me, that is a sad thing because in the end, it is a culture that is being imposed on others, a religion of science that we must all follow and agree with in order to be productive members of society.

There are surely other ways to create prosperity in rural communities in developing countries than to get kids hooked on a machine. There’s a third generation rule that comes into effect here which says that by the third generation, no one will know life without (insert subject here) by the time that third generation grows up.


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