Colombia in 2025

So there’s an idea going around called Colombia 2025 which I found on in their links section. It comes from the Vice President’s office and the basic premise is to imagine what Colombia could be in less than 2 decades. While good on one side, the message of how it should be is quite disappointing, personally. The makers of the piece envision Colombia as leaders in the carbon footprint, eco-city, green agenda, as well as leaders in video games and animation (bread and circuses) and last but not least, they’ll be leaders in bio-engineering.

I take issue with just about everything listed in the video except for the general idea of ‘Can Colombia be more than what it is?’. The answer is obviously ‘yes’, but not this way.

My rating? A good concept but bad content…plus I think Colombians (or anyone for that matter) should be looking towards the next few years and not almost two decades away. But as the comments say, having a long-term vision has its merits.


3 thoughts on “Colombia in 2025

  1. we can vision more than a few years to reach our goals even more than 20 years . I’m sure we can make it if everybody compromise ourselves, planning,a making a better future for our country. Initiatives like this make people take awareness what country want to us for our children and future generations. we have all the possibilities to do it.

  2. Well, having a vision is just as important as the steps needed to carry it out. While your comments really lack any substance to justify the view, they certainly point to the skepticism that exists about our cultures’ resilience and determination. As with any vision, line of sight is not always visible and the journey will involve many turns, but our entrepreneurial efforts have already made a difference.

    • My comments have zero to do with skepticism about Colombian society and culture and everything to do with the veil that is pulled over just about every living person in the entire world in regards to how we should live. The bankers, think tanks and political organizations believe they can dictate certain things to us “useless eaters” as they call us.

      Even worse, they get us to believe it was our idea in the first place. Theres plenty of substance in my comments, you just cant see the bigger picture apparently.

      Thank you for your thoughts though.

      2014 edit: Wow, my 2009 response was kind of mean (I was at a very cynical stage). Apologies.

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