New site – tuBabel – Slang & Regionalisms

Picture 3

The site tuBabel has a large user-generated list of Colombian slang which can be filtered by category. Since I’m not yet up to date on my slang, I can’t vouch for the content but I’m going to treat it as if it were a sort of Wikipedia of regionalisms.

“Es el diccionario social de regionalismos latinos más completo del mundo. Llegará a ser el más completo porque nunca se termina de definir… cada persona puede agregar nuevas palabras, definiciones adicionales en palabras existentes o comentarios… nunca termina. La versión beta fue lanzada el 27 de diciembre de 2007 y trabajamos continuamente en mejorar tuBabel para dentro de poco lanzarlo oficialmente.”

“It is the most complete social dictionary of latin regionalisms in the world. It will become the most complete because it never stops defining…each person can add new words, additional definitions for existing words or comments…it never ends. The beta version was launched on the 27th of December, 2007 and we are working continuously to improve tuBabel in order to launch it officially sometime soon.”


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