Women’s night out on the coast

Now, for something a little lighter than the previous post on ‘US bases’ in Colombia.


The women of Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta (some 800 thousand, according to the mayor of Santa Marta, Juan Pablo Díaz Granados), will have a night only for them. In accordance with the district municipalities, the men will stay at home, taking care of the kids or watching TV.

The established space, ‘La noche de ellas‘ (Ladies night), goes from 7PM this Friday to 2AM on Saturday. Each city has organized its own night. “It’s not just a night to party”, said the Manager of Special Projects, Madeleine Certain, in Barranquilla who is in charge of the city’s events. She goes on to say that shopping centers and other commercial areas will increase their hours. – El Tiempo (in SP)

I wonder if the men, especially the single ones, will actually stay home…


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