‘US Bases’ in Colombia – a farc-e

“There are angry rumblings in South America over a deal that would grant U.S. troops greater access to military bases in Colombia. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he is prepared to break diplomatic relations with neighboring Colombia, claiming that the agreement “amounts to a declaration of war” against his socialist political movement, the Bolivarian Revolution.

The plan has also raised concerns with more moderate leaders in South America, including President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil. Analysts say the U.S. should have been more sensitive to the potential political fallout. Presidents from 12 countries will discuss the issue Friday at a meeting of UNASUR, the Union of South American Nations in Bariloche, Argentina.

Colombian officials have said the 10-year agreement would allow the U.S. to station aircraft at up to five Colombian air bases, and to dock naval vessels at two Colombian ports, one on the Caribbean and the other on the Pacific.” – NPR (more here)

My Take

I caught a video of the Colombian President speaking to a congress of LatAm leaders today, and I must say, he sounds like Bush (‘war on this, war on that’). We all know Uribe’s Colombia and the US are buddies or should I say, partners in crime, but what ever happened to (Colombian) sovereignty? Why must the US interfere in so many matters in so many countries?  In what kind of world does there exist a carrot so enticing that it can be held over any country’s head and they’ll always jump to try and get it? I wish I could keep on track and only discuss the ‘US bases’ in Colombia but there are much bigger and more important questions to be asked.

Colombia should and does have the right to say no here. How would Americans feels about Colombian use of American bases? It would never fly in a million years, I’ll tell you that right now. While everyone else is made to be the hare chasing after the carrot, the US knows and goes by the Fabian way, slow and steady wins the race. We may have braun and brains but we’re a long way from being wise.


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