Should Barranquilla be New Orleans sister city?

On a blog called Vamos Colombia, I found the opinion that Barranquilla is actually quite like New Orleans (where I live now). Interesting idea. Let’s see why…

“So we figured out that Barranquilla is basically the New Orleans of Colombia: both are large port cities on the Caribbean; both have mixed populations (that don’t always mix) with a strong African influence; both flood regularly; both have old classical style mansions which are crumbling down but exude a neglected old style that needs a little cleaning up; both have hot and humid weather (which right now is not too bad due to winds); both love to party and especially on Mardi Gras/Carnaval time when the whole city takes part!” – Source

I’m not sure if NOLA (New Orleans) floods regularly but we all know it seriously flooded with Katrina. The rest of the description, I would quite agree with.

Here’s Carlos Vives singing about both…


2 thoughts on “Should Barranquilla be New Orleans sister city?

  1. I think it’s fine for New Orleans to be the sister city of Barranquilla I’m not sure I agree with tone of the blog. If anything, Barranquilla is the big sister- particularly where the Carnival is concerned. The sensuality of the Barranquilla Carnival makes the New Orleans Mardi Gras look like an elementary school play.

    It should also be noted that the “mixed populations” do mix pretty well in Barranquilla, as in Colombia in general.

    But as long as New Orleans approaches the relationship as a relationship of equals (at the very least) I think it would be a good partnership.

    • Agreed on pretty much all points. There are things which I have yet to experience such as Barranquilla’s Carnival and even the Mardi Gras here. On the mixed populations and how well they do or don’t get along, the jury for me is still out on that. I need more time in both places. My time in Barranquilla was short-lived. If I can get things together in time, I’ll try to get back down there by December.

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