Int’l Meeting of Andean Cultures in Pasto


The Int’l Meeting of Andean Cultures has begun in Pasto (Nariño) in hopes that the western world stops seeing indigenous peoples as witches and such. All in all, groups from seven countries in South America are asking for their rituals and lands to be respected. Included in the meeting, will be forums, speeches and traditional sessions where certain rituals will be shown.

“Nuestra palabra antes fue sepultada y profanada, nuestros conocimientos y conocedores fueron catalogados como brujos, nuestra sabiduría fue considerada como hechicería y aún hasta hoy desde la academia, desde el púlpito, desde los estudios científicos se sigue considerando a los pueblos y al conocimiento de esa magnitud”, dijo Tarapués.

“Our word was buried and desecrated in the past, our expertise and knowledge were cataloged as sorcery, our wisdom was considered as witchcraft and even today from academics to the church to scientific studies, they continue considering such things of the indigenous towns and of our knowledge,” said Tarapués (from the Shaquiñan Organization of the Pasto).

For more (in SP), go here.


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