Escopetarra – AK47’s into Guitars

An escopetarra is a guitar made from a modified gun, used as a peace symbol. The name is a portmanteau of the Spanish words escopeta (shotgun) and guitarra (guitar). The term “Escopetarra” is a misnomer, since all escopetarras to date have been fashioned out of rifles, not shotguns.

Escopetarras were invented by Colombian peace activist César López in 2003 at a gathering after the El Nogal Club bombing in Bogotá, when he noticed a soldier holding a gun like a guitar. The first escopetarra in 2003 was made from a Winchester rifle and a Stratocaster electric guitar.

To read an article on the César Lopez, go here to BBC,


5 thoughts on “Escopetarra – AK47’s into Guitars

  1. Hola ……
    I am working for a European peace organisation that also runs a project in Colombia. I’m trying to get in contact with Cesar Lopez – do you have any up-to-date contact details.

    in peace

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