The Chiguiro Meat Market

“HATO COROZAL, Colombia – They look like hamsters on growth hormones, bark like dogs and swim as fast as otters — all reasons why “chiguiros,” the world’s largest rodents, are an object of fascination for zoologists and wildlife enthusiasts. But ranchers here in northeastern Colombia fail to see the attraction. They claim that the barrel-shaped rodents, which stand knee-high to humans and weigh as much as 120 pounds, consume valuable pasture, foul drinking water and spook horses and cattle.

That antipathy, plus a booming market for chiguiro meat in neighboring Venezuela, has prompted open season on the rodents and landed them on Colombia’s endangered species list. Rancher Magali Delgado says chiguiros, which were visible recently from the veranda of her house in this isolated settlement in Casanare state, are a costly nuisance.” – Newsday (more here)

More Info

Chiguiros (or capybaras, in English) – Wikipedia.
Chiguiro pet market – My follow-up article


13 thoughts on “The Chiguiro Meat Market

  1. Having eaten all three (chicken, chiguiro and rat) I would say that chiguiro tastes more like cuy (guinea pig). But, you are what you eat, and you taste a lot like what you eat, so rat usually tastes like garbage, chicken tastes like processed corn, and cuy and chiguiro taste like some sort of grass. thanks for the blog

  2. Well, I’ve eaten cuy and it does taste somewhat like a guinia pig, but Chiguiro meat tastes more like pork meat, especially when grilled. It is absolutely a delight.

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  4. how about don’t eat it! Its ENDANGERED…try some pig and chicken! if you are in about hormigas culonas…leave the chiguiros alone plus it doesnt taste better than una lechona

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