Two steps back, one step forward

“Yesterday, the tourists arriving into Santa Marta were quite surprised, when the Mayor Juan Pablo Díaz Granados welcomed them by handing out “Good Visitor” passports.

Over the long weekend, a total of eight thousand of these passports were handed out.

The commitee put together for the special event included the head of the state police, Capitan Roque Ángel Lara Tello and a group from the administration. The Mayor Díaz Granados approached each vehicle that entered the city and gave everyone the symbolic document which explains the basic norms of good behavior…”

More here on El Tiempo (in Spanish)

My Take

Good timing, huh?…It seems someone must have given the mayor his own ‘good behavior’ passport, especially after the mishap not much more than a week ago where the tourists arriving in Santa Marta had to walk 4 km. to get to their hotels, all because of a new law limiting occupancy on buses entering the city. I reported on it here.


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