Beautiful Landscapes in 10 minutes

I stumbled upon some beautiful paisajes (landscapes) of Colombia set to music of pure Colombian talent. The video takes you through all of Colombia and makes you wish you were there right now. Thanks to British-Colombian Youtube user Johany2k for making the fantastic video below (and including the track listing)!

Lindos Paisajes de Colombia.
Beautiful Landscapes of Colombia.

1. Navidad Negra – Lucho Bermudez
2. El Torito – Joe Arroyo
3. Mas Papaya – Sidesteppers
4. Pueblito Viejo – Jorge Villamil
5. Bandera de Manos – Juanes
6. Cali Pachanguero – Grupo Niche
7. La Guaneña – Neftali Benavides/ Nicanor Diaz
8. Nada Me Obliga – La Pestilencia
9. Si soy Llanero – Cholo Valderama
10. A Guapi – Grupo Bahia
11. Somos Pacifico – Chocquibtown
12. Expreso Amazonia – Aterciopelados

Puro Talento Colombiano!


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