Pandebono – Mornings made right!


Pandebono is a type of bread made of corn flour, cassava starch, cheese and eggs. It is consumed with hot chocolate few minutes after baking when is still warm. It is very popular in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca, as well as all over Colombia.

What’s In A Name

It is said that an Italian baker who lived in the Colombian city of Cali baked the bread and every afternoon went out to sell them screaming on the streets “pan del bono” (bread of the good one) pronounced in Italian and in this way the name became popular.

Other version documented by Edouard André in his article “América Equinoccial” says that the name came from a site on the road between Dagua and Cali called “Hacienda El Bono” where the product was original from. Thus, the inhabitants of the region used to buy it and referred to it as “Pan del Bono” meaning “Bread from El Bono” and by the continued use the name was abbreviated as “Pandebono”

Yet another version says that sugarcane cutters, upon arriving at work, would recieve a meal ticket (boleto) or ‘bono’ which they would use at lunchtime to receive bread and water. The bread became ‘pan del bono’.

Wherever the name comes from, the bread sure is good! Interesting how closely related it is in ingredients and appearance to the Brazilian “pão de queijo“. I wonder which came first…

Here’s the written recipe and here’s a video on how to make them!


6 thoughts on “Pandebono – Mornings made right!

  1. I love this post, it reminds me of my childhood in Medellin. I can’t believe I ate pandebono for so long without a clue of its history, really interesting.I’m so glad I found your blog and I’m definitely coming back for more.

  2. This recipe is AWESOME!! Thank you for the post!!

    I followed the recipe exactly as stated–and it worked. Can’t tell you how happy this makes me!!

  3. con mucha pena quiero decirle que lo que ud muestra en este video no es pandebono, esto se llamaria almojabana,porque el padebono es una rosca, y la almojabana es la que ud muestra, ademamas esta preparacion no puede llevar la clara del huevo ni molde,los componentes del pandebono son muy diferentes a los de la almojabana,por favor no demos recetas erroneas a los estranjeros.
    perdone yo naci moliendo maiz para el pandebono y para las almojabanas,para el pandeyuca el tranochado,arepas de cambrais,biscochuelos, suspiros,cuaresmeros,champus , mazamorra,masatoy muchas cosas ma del arte culinario colombiano.gracias.

    • hola bueno , entonces pasa la receta de pandebono. ami me encanta!! me gustaria hacerlas. no soy de Colombia pero si varias veces las probe. son riquesima. !!

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  5. I’ve been looking for this recipe. I tried another colombian cheese bread and all though it was good it wasnt like the picture shown here in your recipe. This is exactly what I’m looking to make. Fingers crossed. I’m going to try it out. Thanks!!

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