The World According to Pirry

Guillermo Prieto La Rotta better known as Pirry, is a Colombian journalist who was born on May 3, 1970 in the city of Tunja, in Boyacá, Colombia. 

He is well-known for his program El mundo según Pirry (The World According to Pirry), as well as for his interviews with both the famous and the infamous and for his reports around the world, normally presented via high risk situations. In addition to his main show, he also directs the program Especiales Pirry (Pirry Specials).

Among his reports, one can find an interview with the rapist and serial killer Luis Alfredo Garavito as well as “Fantasmas de la Ciudad de Piedra” (Ghosts of the City of Stone), which discusses the social and political situation of the city of Cartagena de Indias. 


Thanks to user ColombiaPrende on Youtube, quite a few episodes (most a bit grainy without spectacular audio) of his award-winning show can be seen, although for how long, I’m not sure. The great thing about Pirry’s show is that it focuses on presenting the Colombia many don’t get a chance to know, all in short video presentations. Here are a few of them…

Modelo Imperfecta about a famous Colombian model who was born with a sensory impairment. 

Hacienda Napoles about the pink hippos who are a long way from Africa thanks to an infamous Colombian kingpin connected to the selling of a certain substance. (Part 2)

Sueño Colombiano about a young and poor Bolivian girl who got the chance to leave her little town in search of opportunities that only Bogotá could offer.

Desnudo Feminino about the constant onslaught of female nudity/semi-nudity and how one man brings it all back to basics by focusing on the art of drawing nudes. (Need I say, there will be some nudity here?) (Part 2)

Rio Magdalena about the capitan of a boat (thats the size of a soccer field) on this famous Colombian river and how he has lived and continues to live on the water. (Part 2, Part 3)


3 thoughts on “The World According to Pirry

  1. Vi tu programa y quisiera ponerme en contacto con Sandra una chica de Ciudad Bolivar, la fundacion se llama Oasis. Vivo fuera de Colombia y podria ayudar en algo. Gracias

  2. Vivo en Alemania y vi el video de Pirry sobre los niños del cable. Tengo la posibilidad de organizar desde aqui material para la construcción de un cable seguro. Necesito un contacto en Colombia que se quiera hacer responsable de llevar a cabo esta obra muy necesaria. A quien me pueden sugerir. Mil gracias. Sandra

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