Getting a Bad Rap

I’ve written as to why ‘Colombia is passion’ but I haven’t written as to why Colombia gets 99% negative coverage in the American press. I haven’t written about it because I don’t have an answer. Even though this site was started a mere two weeks ago, I have scoured major US newspapers, Youtube and news aggregators in an effort to shed a different light on a country and a people that I’ve got to know. The result? Nothing to get excited about. 

Today, I searched the backlogs of 4 months of news stories relating to Colombia on a popular news aggregating service online. Each month, there were roughly 30 articles on Colombia and I was lucky if I even found one non-drug-related, violence-related, or army-related story per their monthly listing. In total, I believe there were 2, perhaps 3 which were unrelated to the just mentioned topics. Out of those 2 or 3, only 1 article was interesting and you can believe that I’ve already covered it. 

Even though I take media in general (whether foreign or domestic) with a grain of salt, I much prefer to get my information about a country from their own media outlets than from a foreign source. When real information isn’t available to the average person, its important that someone steps in to provide an acurate picture. I hope that person can be me. 

If you want the bad stuff, you know where to look. If you want the good stuff, take a seat.


3 thoughts on “Getting a Bad Rap

  1. Being a Colombian who grew up in the most violent city of Colombia during the 1990’s (Medellin) I understand why many people are still misinformed and refuse to picture Colombia as a place capable of beauty and happiness. Sometimes I have a hard time explaining my love for my country to others because truthfully there are so many stereotypes that are in some part true.It is the other side of Colombia, the side I remember with nostalgia and the one I go back to every year the main reason I firmly believe Colombia’s reputation will eventually change.

    Thank you for spreading the word! I couldn’t be happier.

    • I love Medallo but yes, I know what you mean (as much as someone who wasn’t living that reality could know) and I hope the reputation will change too and if it won’t, I will try harder to do what I can do! I almost moved to Medellín last year, bought my ticket, found a room in an apt, was ready!…except for having some money to spend once I got there. The ticket date had to be changed and they charged me so much that I started to spend the money I wanted to use once I arrived.

  2. But of course you almost moved to Medellín! it is by far the best city in Colombia. (not a biased opinion on my part at all. haha)
    Where you there for the Feria de las Flores? nothing compares I tell you!

    The work you are doing really gives me hope and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need help finding info about us LOCOmbianos.

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