ColArte – Virtual Library of Colombian Art

I came across quite a rare find, if even it is rare (its news to me!). Its a Spanish-language site called ColArte and it showcases the best that Colombia offers in terms of the different disciplines in the arts arena. The project is a huge undertaking and it seems they have done quite an excellent job surveying and highlighting the Colombian art scene. 

On a site called Stockholm Challenge, there is an entire page in English dedicated to describing exactly what ColArte is and all the services they offer. For the basics, here’s what the link above has to say…

“ColArte is a web site dedicated to compile and show Colombian art and beauty since prehispanic world to current: plastic arts, scenic arts, music, photography. Today, ColArte allows view to more than 8,500 Colombian artists, museums, art galleries, cities, places of interest, flora and fauna.  Photography leads to show writers, fashion and personalities.”

Felicitaciones, ColArte! You are going straight to my bookmarks and my EOC links page!


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