Colombian Slang – Modismos/Jerga

If you are into learning Colombian slang, I’ve recently come across a site (in Spanish) called El Parche, which has both a very large list and a condensed one (I will post a link to the latter). In my experience, learning slang has to be a one by one type of thing as trying to learn them all by studying a list will probably get you in more trouble than it would help you. I recommend that when you hear someone use a slang word, ask them how they use it and with whom (because I’m sure most should just be used around friends). 

El Parche

As I learn them, I’ll start to make a list of how they can best be used. By the way, it seems “parche” means “a reunion of people of similar interests who go somewhere to enjoy themselves”, among other meanings. 

Ex. Nos vamos con el parche a jugar futbol = We are going with the gang to play soccer

PS – Here are a few other resources for slang…




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