Tiger Paw Hostel & El Poblado – Medellín

As a way of differentiating Eyes On Colombia from Eyes On Brazil, I’m going to discuss places to go to, things to do, where to stay, as well as where to eat. In this sense, this site will provide a different take on country profiling as opposed to what I’ve done with the Brazilian site. Don’t worry though, I will not veer too far off the path that helped me get where I am with my other site.

Tiger Paw Hostel

Getting right into it, I’ll start with a great place I stayed at in Medellín called the Tiger Paw Hostel, which is run by some guys from my hometown. The place is clean and feels like an upper-scale American hostel, complete with a bar and a sauna. The location is probably the best you’ll find if you’re new to Medellín and are looking to have some fun nights out, plus its the first neighborhood you enter after arriving in Medellín by taxi (US$25 each way/30 min ride) from the Intl airport in the municipality of Rio Negro.

Here’s the general description on the hostel website…

“Thank you for visiting us here at Tiger Paw Hostel, where we are proud to be the newest hostel in Medellin. We can be found right across the street from the bar/restaurant area of Medellin, Parque Lleras. We have a newly remodeled building, sports bar and restaurant with USA cable programming, hot water, friendly staff, sauna, roof top deck, 2 meter compartmentalized bunk beds for privacy, both private and dormitory rooms for any budget.”

El Poblado

El Poblado is a Commune of the Colombian city of Medellín within its Metropolitan Area with a 2005 population of 94.704 living in a land area of 143,258 hectares (5.52898 m2). It is the wealthiest district of the city. The commune consists of 24 barrios located at the south-east of the city. It is separated from the south west zone of Medellín by the river; its south has limits with the city of Envigado; its east with Santa Elena township and its north with the Central (La Candelaria) and Buenos Aires communes of Medellín .

El Poblado is also known as “Las Manzanas de Oro” (The Golden Apples) because it is the main center of the industrial and commercial life of the second largest economy of Colombia.

The name El Poblado derives from the first Spaniard settlement in the Aburrá Valley in 1616. “El Poblado” means in English “The Village“, that was built in what is today its main square. In 1675 the Spaniard administration founded another village in El Sitio de Aná (The Aná Place) where is today the Berrío Square to become the center of the future Medellín, but El Poblado was to become the main economical center during the 20th century.

Parque Lleras

The Lleras Park: It is located between the 9th and 10th streets and the 35th and 38th carreras. It is called also as Zona Rosa, that in Latin America means a place of nightlife, restaurants, discos, youth gatherings and different kinds of enjoyment. The picture below obviously doesn’t quite convey the nightlife scene but look below it for a short video of how it really is, a nice park surrounded by all the restaurants, bars and clubs can think of….and you can rest assured that its really good, especially Thursday nights.


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