Sancocho Soup – Get in line


Sancocho is a traditional soup (often considered a stew) in several Spanish and Latin American cuisines. Variations represent popular national dishes in the Canary Islands of Spain, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. It usually consists of large pieces of meat and vegetables served in a broth. Similar dishes exist in other countries, such as Bouillon in Haiti.

In the Canary Islands of Spain, the dish is usually made with fish. The fish is usually cooked whole. It is called Sancocho Canario and is usually eaten with gofio. Sancocho in Latin America, especially the Caribbean, evolved from both Puchero Canario and Sancocho of the Canary Islands, which were brought with “Canarios” — Canary Islanders who emigrated to Latin America.

In the Caribbean, Sancocho is considered a fairly rustic dish. Ingredients usually include chicken, fish, plantains, yuca, cilantro , yams, corn, and potatoes. Sancocho made with chicken is called Sancocho de gallina

In Colombia, Sancocho is made with almost any kind of meat, along with large pieces of plantain, potato, yuca and/or other vegetables depending on the region.

The recipe is here at Food Network. 


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