Why ‘Colombia es pasión!’

For those of you who don’t know, the national slogan of Colombia is “Colombia es pasión!” (Colombia is passion!), which I’m sure was the creation of a public relations company, but nonetheless, I think it’s right on the money.

and the Spanish version (sans subtitles)…


9 thoughts on “Why ‘Colombia es pasión!’

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  2. I have a video you might be interested in … I love it because it touches every stereotype and misconception about us Colombians and then some!

    If the link doesn’t work look for “Colombia not Columbia” on Youtube.

  3. Ha ha, I was supposed to be passing through Colombia – spending two weeks here. That became a month and now I’ve moved to Bogota for the foreseeable future! I don’t know about ‘Colombia is passion’ – I fell for ‘The only risk is wanting to stay’…

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